Quality of service and safety

Quality of service

Continuity of care delivery will be based on the unique, holistic needs of each citizen, enabled by the effective recording and sharing of information.
All citizens will have access to their own Care Plans.
Communication systems will be put in place, maintained and continuously reviewed to facilitate the flow of information throughout REAL SOCIAL CARE SOLUTIONS LTD.
Staff will have communication systems in place for sharing of information, in line with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), in order to deliver support that is current to the needs of the citizens.
Staff will use evidence-based, recommended systems for communication to colleagues, citizens and healthcare professionals.
Staff will work within the values of REAL SOCIAL CARE SOLUTIONS LTD when meeting the standards set within our quality assurance policies.


To demonstrate our commitment to high-quality care and to ensure consistently high standards of care REAL SOCIAL CARE SOLUTIONS LTD will make regular arrangements for unannounced spot checks to be undertaken on the services delivered by its Care Workers in the citizen’s own home.
We will ensure that this takes place with the consent of the citizen or their representatives upon joining the service. Where needed, we will ensure that the citizen has the support they require to provide informed consent.
The Registered Manager will appoint appropriately trained and experienced staff to carry out spot checks.