Supported living

Supported living

Real Social care Solutions will be working closely with the NHS and Local authorities across East Midlands to set up supported living services for people aged between 18 and 65 with autism, learning disabilities, physical disabilities, ADHD and Asperger’s syndrome.

The citizens in supported living get to make their own decisions about how they want to live and get help with managing their home. Some of the benefits of Supported Living include:

  • Providing a proper home for people to live in
  • Offering more choice for people;
  • Giving people more responsibility to live independently;
  • Matched more closely to what people need;
  • Use local housing and services so people can live close to their family and friends.


Our supported living service gives people with disabilities and other illnesses who do now want to go into residential care the opportunity to get extra support to continue living independently in the community. Our services cater for people with low support needs who may need a few hours of support to those with complex needs including those requiring 24 hours of support.

We provide supported living services in a diverse range of settings including: –

  • Individual tenancies
  • Shared housing
  • Purpose built tenancies.

Our services will include people who need physical support to meet the care and support needs and those who need prompting, guidance and use of assistive technology for them to live independently in the community. Our service will enable people to retain or gain independent living skills. We will also support the individuals that we support to make decisions about their day to day needs, including involving their families, carers and advocates where people are having substantial difficulties to make their own decisions.